Mercedes 300SEL 6.3 liters Year of manufacture 1969 Mileage 90,000 kilometers (read from odometer)    


Mercedes Benz 350SL USA import Bouwjaar 1978 Restauratie/Project/Opknapper    


W107 350 SLC Year of manufacture October 1978 Mileage 202,000 kilometers Margin car


Mercedes 280 Year of construction 1972 Mileage 65,940 kilometers  


Mercedes-Benz 350SE Year of manufacture December 1974 Mileage 260,000 kilometers

Mercedes Benz 240 Diesel Year of manufacture 1974 Mileage 65,0000 kilometers (read from odometer)    

Mercedes Benz 450SEL 6,9 liters Year of manufacture 1977 Mileage 193,000 kilometer (read from odometer)    


Mercedes-Benz 230 TE Year of manufacture September 1992 Mileage 15,400 kilometers


Mercedes Benz 350SL Year of manufacture 1972 Mileage 138,000 kilometers (read from odometer)    


Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb Year of manufacture 1964 Mileage  55,128 kilometers


W110 230 Year of manufacture 1966 Mileage 60,535 kilometers read from odometer.  


Mercedes 280SEC Year of manufacture 1968 Mileage 23,700 kilometers (read from odometer)

Mercedes 220 SEC Year of construction 1964 Price on request    


Mercedes 500SLC Year of manufacture May 1981 Mileage 126,000 kilometers  


Mercedes 280 Year of manufacture 07-1977 Mileage 73,800 kilometers    


Glas 1700 Year of manufacture 1966 Price on request    


Mercedes 280 CE Year of construction 1974 Mileage 63,250 kilometers  

Restoration of classic Mercedes

Restoration of classic Mercedes is our specialization.

We have years of experience with classic Mercedes. In consultation with you, we can achieve exactly what you want.

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Maintenance and repair

As you have read in the overview, we can carry out all work on your classic car. We can carry out all maintenance, both motor, structural and cosmetic.

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